at worst

under the worst of conditions (Freq. 1)

at worst we'll go to jail

Syn: ↑at the worst
Ant: ↑at best

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at worst phrase
used for talking about the worst possibility in a situation

The Senator’s reaction was at best ineffective and at worst irresponsible.

Thesaurus: worsesynonym
Main entry: worst

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at worst (or the worst)
in the most serious case

at worst the injury could mean months in the hospital

under the most unfavorable interpretation

the cabinet's reaction to the crisis was at best ineffective and at worst irresponsible

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at worst
— used to refer to a result, condition, etc., that is the worst one possible

At worst, you'll have to pay a fine, but you won't lose your license.

He hoped that at worst he would suffer only a minor loss in the investment.

At best the government is incompetent, and at worst, it is totally corrupt.

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